Happy Birthday Tanya!!!


I got out of bed from a very long day to come out for a birthday celebration of my friend Tanya (who looked gorgeous in her black mini dress). She writes a beautiful blog call hashtagblessed. Tanya has this talent of making people feel good about themselves. She one of those people you would love to have by your side if you are, for example, debuting your first fashion show or shooting your first editorial; and you would be a nervous wreck. She would be so supportive and encouraging that you can’t help but feel better. Remember my post ‘Eat, drink and shop’ (September 21st, 2103) ? I was so nervous about asking photos of people for my blog. She was there and literally push me to come forward and approach people. She has this positive and open attitude that is very admirable, read her blog (http://hashtagblessed.wordpress.com)  and you will see. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANYA!!! Thank you for being you 🙂


From left: Tanya (birthday girl), myself and Frey (Baby Frey)



Me and Baby Frey.

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One comment on “Happy Birthday Tanya!!!

  1. YOU ARE MY NEW FAVOURITE PERSON haha 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. You were truly the light of the party and thank you for rolling out of bed for me! I mean who else would have done that? I’m glad you found my support helpful and not annoying hahaha! You have a beautiful heart with a fabulous attitude, I hope people see that in you when you enter the fashion industry. So glad we met. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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